Viriyakit Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

  Our company is a large plastic industrial company, established for over 20 years. Thus, we have
experience in manufacturing updated and high-quality products. Moreover, we always design new
products for our customers.
    Viriyakit Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. was established on June 28, 1990. It started from an
investment of “Akeviriyakit Family”, registered as a company on September 7, 1990. At present, the
company has registered with the capital of 20,000,000 Baht.
  Nature of Business.
    The company was founded with the objective of serving as a retail business, providing
goods and services relating to plastics, by using a name of “Viriyakit Plastic Industry” as a trademark.
  Business Goals.
    The company aims to become a leader in the business of selling and to provide integrated
services in order to satisfy its customers at the highest point. We emphasize on developing and maintain
our personnel’s ability in providing the best service to the customers. At the same time, we try to reduce
cost of production to maximize the shareholders’ benefit.